Prorated upgrade option

In Membership Pro, when subscribers upgrade from plan A to plan B:

  1. The system will create a new subscription record for plan B.
  2. The subscription record for plan A will be marked as expired.

Since the subscriptin record for plan A is marked as expired, subscribers loose their current active subscription duration, thus they would hesitate to update and might wait until their current subscription expired before upgrade to new (usually higher level plan, for example, hgiher subscription length)

Prorated upgrade option was introduced from version 2.7.0 to address this limitation. Now, when you add an upgrade option, you can set Prorated of that option to Yes. Then when someone upgrade their subscription, the remaining active duration of the original subscritpion plan will be added to the subscription of the plan they upgrade to. Let's take an example:

  • You have two plans: 1 Month Membership and 2 Months Membership.
  • You add an upgrade option to allow subscribers upgrade their subscription from 1 Month Membership to 2 Months Membership plan
  • A subscriber has an active subscription of 1 Month Membership plan until 30-11-2016, today is 16-11-2016, so 14 days left before the current subscription expired. If he decided to upgrade to 2 Months Membership plan today:
  • With prorated set to No, his will has an active subscription of 2 Month Membership Plan with subscription end date set to 16-01-2017
  • With prorated set to Yes, the remaining active duration of his 1 month membership plan (14 days) will be added to his new subscrition, so the subscription end date of 2 months membership plan for him will be changed to 30-01-2017, thus his won't loose any days in his duration.